CYC Mooring Availability Status

CYC Mooring Slip Availability (Current). Members applying for mooring slips will be placed on a waiting list for their required slip as needed.
Note: The CYC cannot accommodate boats over 40 ft. in length. Applications for boats over 40 ft. will be rejected.

  • Boats up to 20 ft. – YES
  • Boats 21ft. to 27 ft. – YES
  • Boats 28ft. to 40 ft. – NO

Collingwood Yacht Club

In 1996 the club, in partnership with the town, was able to secure its future with a long term lease. The lease provides the club with its current facility at a stable cost for 29 years. This agreement allows the club to expand with approximately 20 new docks, new fencing and ensures its home for the future. It also allows the club to continue the beautification of its premises.

The club’s original constitution reflected its desire to service the local area by excluding memberships from people living outside a 25 mile radius of the Town of Collingwood. a later revision put a limit of 25% on outside memberships and was again changed in 1997 to 35%. This will allow the club to expand quickly over the next few years.

The Georgian Bay Cup Race is Collingwood Yacht Club’s kick off for the summer yachting season. The Georgian Bay Cup Committee hopes that you will join us in this year’s Race and participate in the opportunity to give back to the local community by supporting the local food banks and Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.